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FARPHORIA was founded by the Royal College of Art graduate, Xenia Busalova, in London in 2019 following her creative heart after a successful previous career in corporate finance. She lives and works in London but grew up in a little town in Northern Siberia where the winter snow lasted 9 months of the year. Her work is indebted and inspired by this landscape. 

“Nature was my home, the nearest town was 400 km away. I recall picking berries, mushrooms and nuts in the forest, laying on the soft pastel green moss staring at a cerulean sky. My identity has been defined by these 3 colours: white for snow, blue for the sky, green for the forest & its fruits.”  

Each FARPHORIA piece is as unique as the natural object which birthed it. The brand's sustainable methods use flax porcelain, there are no animal products such as bone ash, and we produce no waste, all of the materials are recycled.  

Nature has provided the raw materials which Xenia enhances  – hand dipping them in porcelain and firing in the kiln. This process burns out the original item but creates a piece of solidified, timeless poetry – a memory of the irregularity and beauty of nature. FARPHORIA creations capture what would decay and be forgotten over time.