All our pieces are unique. To avoid double selling, online sales are suspended for those 3 days.
We are holding a pop-up event at the Royal College of Art in Battersea on 6-8 December 2022.
Please visit us at RCA Hangar Gallery, Howie Street, SW11 4AS, or return to the website after the event. Thank you.
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The plants are collected, dipped in liquid porcelain, and fired in the kiln.
The plant gets caught up in the porcelain and burns away leaving only a hollow fossilised shell with all the spikes, leaves and veins imprinted within.
Nature itself provides the material. We only collect and transform it in an instrumental way, adding the trace of hand making.
Something that would ultimately decay without a reminiscence, turns into a precious objects instead, and becomes timeless captured poetry. Every natural object decomposes with time, but porcelain is otherworldly - it is eternal and inherently beautiful and strong.