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AUZIO Porcelain Ceramic Earrings

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Porcelain | Platinum | Handmade in London | Ceramic

Bring a touch of sophistication to your look with the AUZIO Porcelain Ceramic Earrings. Fixed on rhodium-plated silver, porcelain artichoke charms boast a subtle sage green hue, accented by platinum for an elegant finish. Their lightweight design ensures maximum comfort without compromising on style. Really elegant and sophisticated piece of jewellery.

Rhodium-plated* hook earwire/French hook

Porcelain artichoke: approximate 13mm*17mm

Total length from ear lobe: approximately 35mm

Weight: 3g 

*Rhodium-plated silver: rhodium is precious metal which is close to platinum and, thus, rarer and more expensive than gold. Rhodium plating is used to maintain sterling silver shine. Rhodium-plated silver is resistant to oxidation and tarnishing comparing to sterling silver 925.  

AUZIO Porcelain Earrings: Nature's Elegance Adorned

Elevate your style with the enchanting AUZIO Porcelain Earrings – a harmonious blend of nature's charm and modern elegance. Organic Inspiration: Auzio Earrings draw inspiration from the intricate beauty of artichoke flowers, bringing a touch of the organic world to your jewelry collection. Delicate Craftsmanship: Meticulously crafted with porcelain, these earrings showcase delicate craftsmanship, capturing the essence of nature's elegance in every detail. Versatile Chic: AUZIO Porcelain Earrings effortlessly transition from day to night, adding a chic and versatile statement to your look. Lightweight Comfort: Experience all-day comfort with the lightweight design, allowing you to revel in the beauty of these earrings without compromise. Style Tip: Pair AUZIO Porcelain Earrings with your favorite outfits to infuse a hint of nature-inspired elegance into your daily ensemble. Gift of Nature: Looking for a unique gift? AUZIO Porcelain Earrings make a thoughtful and nature-inspired present for any occasion. Surprise a loved one with the gift of organic beauty. Discover Auzio: Explore the captivating allure of AUZIO Porcelain Earrings, where nature's elegance meets modern style. Shop now at Farphoria to adorn yourself with the grace of botanical artistry.

AUZIO Porcelain Ceramic Earrings
AUZIO Porcelain Ceramic Earrings