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Location: Elephant&Castle Tube Station, Hotel Elephant Workspace, Larcom Str, SE17 1NJ London

Duration: 90 minutes 

Level: any

Studio hours: times are flexible with availability during evenings and weekends.


£150 for 1:1 session (individual)
£290 for 1:2 session (artist+two guests)

If you have ANY questions, please do not hesitate to contact Xenia at

tel. 07453849483


Do you want to MAKE a gift for someone special WITH YOUR OWN HANDS?

Maybe you have an idea of a perfect gift for your partner, your parents or your best friend? Just come and make it!

We cordially invite you to embark on a creative journey of handbuilding in porcelain at our serene art studio in the heart of London. Our exclusive workshops will be tailored specifically for those seeking the best gift for their loved ones. Imagine the joy of presenting a personalized handcrafted porcelain piece—a unique expression of your love.

Our workshop provides the perfect opportunity to go beyond traditional gifts and create something truly special. The medium of porcelain known for its sophistication and delicate beauty, allows participants to create elegant jewelry, timeless keepsakes, functional objects, or personalized items. Guided and assisted by the artist Xenia Busalova, participants will delve into the art of handbuilding turning their ideas into tangible expressions of love.

For example, the centerpiece of our workshop is the creation of personalized porcelain pendants—a distinctive and heartfelt idea for St. Valentine's Day. You will be guided through the process of shaping, carving, and glazing your pendant, ensuring it becomes a unique symbol of their affection. Whether it's a special date, initials, or a meaningful symbol, the personalized touch elevates the pendant into a cherished memento.

Birthdays, anniversaries, engagements or any celebration can be commemorated through our diverse range of porcelain creations. From delicate earrings that subtly enhance everyday elegance to bespoke ceramic plates perfect for special occasions, our workshop caters to the spectrum of celebratory gifting needs. Participants will have the freedom to choose their project, ensuring that every creation resonates with the sentiment they wish to convey.

The art of handbuilding with porcelain adds an extra layer of intimacy to the process. As participants shape and mold the material with their hands, they are not merely crafting an object but infusing it with their emotions. The resulting pieces are not just gifts; they are tangible representations of thoughtfulness and care, making them the best gift for any occasion.

Whether you want to craft a meaningful gift for someone special or to explore your artistic side, our workshop caters to all skill levels. These sessions are both therapeutic and originative. After just one session you will have a completed art object from porcelain (please bear in mind that drying and firing processes take several days).

No prior clay experience is required; I'll guide you through the process.
Immerse yourself in mindful and meaningful making for a rejuvenating session, where we foster an environment for your ideas to flourish.

All necessary equipment, materials, and firing services are provided, ensuring a seamless creative experience. Take the opportunity to let your imagination thrive while discussing and developing your unique concepts.

Kindly review our Terms and Conditions, noting our 48-hour cancellation policy. Cancellations within this timeframe will incur the total class fee.

Please note that it is exclusively handbuilding (no pottery wheel/throwing).

Unleash your creativity and join us for a personalized, transformative artistic endeavor.