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“FARPHORIA” originates from the merge of two words: “FARFOR” that translates as “PORCELAIN” and “EUPHORIA”.

FARPHORIA was founded by Xenia Busalova who lives and works in London, where she graduated from the Royal College of Art and InnovationRCA.

Many years of independent art practice, numerous exhibitions including, but not limited, Royal Academy of Arts, fine art galleries and two biennales ensured the works by Xenia Busalova Studio are now included in both public and private collections and she has a growing international collector base.

Xenia Busalova, the founder and creative force behind FARPHORIA, is renowned for her exceptional craftsmanship in crafting porcelain jewelry. With her dedication to capturing the fleeting moments of life in wearable sculptures, Xenia has created a name synonymous with artistry and elegance. 

Like there are no two identical elements in nature, each piece of FARPHORIA's porcelain jewelry is a unique wearable art and you will not see the same piece anywhere.