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When we take pictures of our family, friends or collect things from the places they visited, these are all our attempts to capture the moment for posterity, to grasp the memory of that moment, that place, at that time.
Porcelain offers the ability to capture intricate marks and features. We collect plants, flowers, berries from all over the world, dip them in liquid porcelain and fire in the kiln at 1300°C. The plant gets enclosed in the porcelain and burns out leaving only a hollow fossilised shell with all the spikes, leaves, veins. Something that would ultimately decay without a trace, turns into a precious object instead, becomes a solidified timeless poetry, a little wearable sculpture.
Thus, nature itself provides the material. We just pick it up and transform in an instrumental way, adding the trace of hand making. The natural irregularities of plants amplified by the gestural marks make each piece unique and truly one-of-a-kind. The universal vulnerability and fragility, signaled in these porcelain objects reminds the wearer of the beauty and transience of nature.
Our ethos is sustainability - the elemental substance of porcelain is such that there is no waste - everything can be recycled and reused, returned into the making. The environmental aspects are fundamental and remain at the core of production. We are focused on mindful slow fashion and style that focuses on refinement, sophistication, uniqueness and most importantly longevity.
The concept embedded in the physical porcelain material evokes - “transience, emotion, moment, memory, trace, passage of time”.