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KARAMEA Porcelain Ceramic Ring

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Porcelain | 24K gold | Mother of pearl | Handmade in London | Ceramic

KARAMEA Porcelain Ceramic Ring design resembles wild and bubbly waves of Karamea River with its transparent blue waters. This ring is handmade from the whitest New Zealand porcelain as the only copy. KARAMEA Porcelain Ring is absolutely unique and constitutes a little wearable sculpture - you will not see the same piece anywhere. 
KARAMEA porcelain ring has a classy yet striking design and would make a special addition to the discerning jewellery collector who has the creative expression confidence. 

The only thing to watch out for is a cement/marble floor!

Size: UK  P, USA 7.5, diameter 17mm, circumference 56mm, global MEDIUM to LARGE

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Karamea Ring: A Poetic Fusion of Porcelain and Elegance for Womeny

Immerse yourself in the poetic beauty of the Karamea Ring, a captivating masterpiece meticulously designed for women who appreciate the seamless fusion of porcelain artistry and timeless elegance. Discover the unique features of this enchanting ring, where each detail is a symphony of craftsmanship and sophistication. Whispers of Elegance: Karamea whispers tales of elegance through its meticulously crafted porcelain centerpiece. The delicate details paint a portrait of refined sophistication, making this ring a timeless statement piece. Artistry in Motion: The ring is a canvas of artistry in motion, where porcelain meets imagination. Each curve and contour is a testament to the creative spirit, ensuring a unique and expressive accessory for the woman with a discerning taste. Versatile Glamour: Karamea effortlessly transitions from day to night, offering versatile glamour for every occasion. Whether paired with casual attire or complementing an elegant ensemble, this ring adds a touch of refined charm to your style. Feminine Resonance: The ring resonates with feminine energy, celebrating the inherent beauty and strength of the wearer. Karamea is not just an accessory; it's an extension of your unique personality and style. Craftsmanship Beyond Words: Meticulously handcrafted, Karamea exemplifies craftsmanship beyond words. It is a testament to our dedication to delivering a piece that not only enhances your style but also becomes a cherished part of your personal narrative. Indulge in the poetic fusion of porcelain and elegance with the Karamea Ring. Elevate your style and let this ring be the embodiment of your refined and artistic spirit. Explore Now and let Karamea tell the story of your sophisticated style.

KARAMEA Porcelain Ceramic Ring
KARAMEA Porcelain Ceramic Ring
KARAMEA Porcelain Ceramic Ring