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TUMMI GUMMI Porcelain Ceramic Earrings

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Porcelain | Handmade in London Ceramic

Indulge in luxury with TUMMI GUMMI Porcelain Ceramic Earrings. Handcrafted from the finest porcelain, each pair features a charming little gummi bear glazed in a pretty and elegant pink. A cheeky yet tasteful addition to any outfit, these earrings make the perfect gift for that special girl in your life. She will cherish this elegant piece of jewelry for a lifetime.

Gold-filled* hook earwire/French hook

Porcelain gummi bear charm: 10mm*17mm

Total length with hook: approximately 30mm

Weight: 3g each earring 

*GOLD FILLED: 14K gold fill is a pressure bonded layer of gold that has 100 times more gold than plated jewellery. It is durable, will not chip or flake, tarnish resistant - a great yet affordable alternative to karat gold. Looks exactly like solid gold and, if taken care of properly, will last a lifetime.

Enhance Your Home Ambiance with Tummi Gummi Porcelain Earrings – A Unique Fusion of Art and Style

Immerse yourself in the exquisite world of home decor with our Tummi Gummi Porcelain Earrings, a captivating blend of artistic expression and timeless style. Carefully designed to elevate your living space, these earrings transcend conventional accessories, making a bold statement in the realm of home aesthetics. Crafted for the discerning woman who values both sophistication and individuality, the Tummi Gummi Porcelain Earrings stand as a testament to exceptional craftsmanship. The delicate porcelain, adorned with a distinctive pattern, transforms these earrings into miniature works of art. The enchanting blue glazing adds a touch of charm, creating a perfect harmony between elegance and playfulness. Unleash your creativity as you adorn your living spaces with these unique earrings. Whether displayed in your bedroom, living room, or even your home office, the Tummi Gummi Porcelain Earrings effortlessly enhance the ambiance of any space they grace. Available exclusively at Farphoria, these earrings offer a seamless integration of style and substance. Embrace the fusion of art and functionality, and let the Tummi Gummi Porcelain Earrings redefine your home decor narrative. Elevate your surroundings with a touch of sophistication, making a lasting impression that echoes your refined taste and appreciation for the extraordinary.

TUMMI GUMMI Porcelain Ceramic Earrings
TUMMI GUMMI Porcelain Ceramic Earrings
TUMMI GUMMI Porcelain Ceramic Earrings
TUMMI GUMMI Porcelain Ceramic Earrings